Cell Block 7

Spend some time on the inside.

Michigan's Prison Museum

As Close To Prison As You Ever Want To Get

Join us on Wednesday June 28th as Cell Block 7 will be celebrating its three year anniversary!

To thank our visitors for all of the support over the past three years, we will be offering guided tours that will start every hour on the 30 minute mark. The first tour will be at 10:30am and the last one will start at 3:30pm.

You do not need to sign up in advance for the tour, you only need to be at CB7 by the start time to partake.

Stay tuned for some more anniversary announcements in the coming days!


Welcome to the only prison exhibit that's within the walls of an operating penitentiary. Cell Block 7 is not just a replica or a likeness; it's a real prison, where thousands of convicts have done hard time. You'll inhabit the same cells, walk the same corridors, pass by the same gun towers as some of the most hardened criminals in Michigan's history. The difference is, when you're ready, you can just walk out the door.


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Explore the cell block to find historic artifacts, prisoner artwork, and rotating exhibits detailing events such as great escapes and prison businesses.


A "kite" was a letter sent to and from prisoners with requests.

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Prison History

The prison history in Michigan is a rich one. In the 1800s, a state prison brought much to a city. Prisons and life within have changed over the course of time.