Cell Block 7

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Michigan's Prison Museum

After 5 years, the Cell Block 7 Prison Museum closed permanently on Dec. 29, 2019

Thank you to all of our 35,000+ visitors for five amazing years of programs and tours that shared Jackson's prison history with the world.

The Ella Sharp Museum will continue to collect prison artifacts, documents, and photographs and to tell Jackson's prison history through stories, exhibits, and programming.

Cell Block 7 is honored to have worked with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), Experience Jackson for marketing support, and all of the many community partners who helped make CB7 a reality.

Located on active prison grounds, Cell Block 7 offers visitors a unique museum experience. You won’t have to imagine prison life; you’ll feel it as you inhabit the same cells and walk the same corridors as some of Michigan’s most hardened criminals. At Cell Block 7 you can learn about Jackson’s prison history and see what it’s like to spend some time on the inside.


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Prison History

The prison history in Michigan is a rich one. In the 1800s, a state prison brought much to a city. Prisons and life within have changed over the course of time.


A "kite" was a letter sent to and from prisoners with requests.

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