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Semi-Permanent Exhibits

The First 100 Years: 1837 - 1934

This exhibit brings important topics to life, including how Jackson was chosen for the site of Michigan’s State Prison, major changes throughout the years, and how things like punishment and overcrowding were handled.

Prison has changed a lot since the early days. See just how it changed in our next exhibit that explores the 1930s until present.

The New Prison: 1934 - Present

Discover how and why prison life has changed. Learn about the riots, escapes, and the establishment of the Michigan Department of Corrections. See how counseling & psychology programs along with education improvements have impacted the prison population. Draw your own conclusions about the success of modern prison methods.

The Fallen Heroes Memorial

Come and honor with us those men and women who have paid the ultimate price and lost their lives in the line of duty. 

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Temporary Exhibits

1952 Riot

Tells the story of one of the largest prison riots in Jackson. Visitors can view images and video footage of the riot, see the inmate’s demands, or reasons why they were rioting and discover what was done to end the destruction. 

Prison Made Furniture 

Prisoners were its source of labor during many of the years this company was in business. Furniture, photos and other artifacts tell the story of this successful manufacturing company and its relationship with the State Prison of Southern Michigan.

The Prison Farm

Through photos and other information, this exhibit shows how farming became a successful operation at the State Prison. The farm was an important source of food and provided many prisoners with employment and farming experience.

Prison Chaplain Albert M. Ewert

Gain a deeper insight into what prison life was like in the early 1930s from this exhibit that looks at the prison through the eyes of Chaplain Ewert, a prominent figure in the prison’s history.

1975 Escape by Helicopter 

He couldn’t climb over the walls or tunnel under them. So in 1975, inmate Dale Otto Remling planned an elaborate escape… by helicopter. Find out how he did it, how the police responded, and if he was able to fly away to freedom.

Michigan State Industries

Discover how the Michigan State Industries program employs prisoners to make products that benefit not only the prison, but all citizens in Michigan.

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